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Folkmanis Scallop Puppet

Monday, January 30th, 2012
  • Sold Individually
  • Short name: Puppet Scallop For Science Bag
  • Folkmanis Brand of Products
  • Typical Use: Early Childhood / Dramatic Play / Puppets
Product Description
This shy fellow may clam up upon occasion, but you can coax him out of his shell. Just put your thumb in his lower half, middle finger in his top half, and ring and index finger in his eye stalks. It’s an open and shut case! Moveable mouth and eyesEditorial Review
This scallop puppet is a shellfish with personality. Measuring 6 by 5 inches, it has a brown and beige shell with a shiny brown lining, and inside the shell is a light pink body and black tube… More >>

Price: $6.61

Apple Park Picnic Pal Organic 4″ Finger Puppet, Cubby

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
  • Eyes: recycled non-toxic plastic safety eyes
  • Nose and Ears: natural silk and hemp blend
  • Fur: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Filling: sustainable corn fiber, 100% organic cotton fiber and recycled non-toxic plastic pellets
  • Apple Red Box: 100% recycled paper printed with soy ink and finished with a natural silk and hemp blend leaf and grosgrain ribbon handle
Product Description
These fabulous finger friends are made with attention to the tiniest detail. They are sure to delight little puppeteers…. More >>

Price: $9.00

Mary Meyer Tippy Toes Finger Puppets, Buzzy Bumblebee

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
  • Buzzy Bumblebee is a black and yellow finger puppet, with silvery wings, black antenna, shiny black eyes, and a pouch for two fingers to make it walk
  • Tippy Toes Finger Puppets are 5 to 7″ long
  • Tippy Toes Finger Puppets inspire imaginative, interactive play
  • Safe for children of every age, Mary Meyer’s products are all made to strict quality standards to meet or exceed every US toy safety requirement
  • Mary Meyer has been making quality stuffed toys for more than 77 years; we are dedicated to bringing you beautiful, safe, educational toys and collectibles from the best materials
Product Description
Buzzy Bumblebee Tippy Toes is Black and Yellow Finger Puppet, with Silvery wings, Black antenna, shiny Black eyes and a pouch for two fingers to make it walk…. More >>

Price: $5.95

Armadillo Puppet

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
  • Movable mouth
  • Rolls into ball, fastens with Velcro
Product Description
This Armadillo may have armor, but he’s soft on you! Animate all four legs as well as the head and he’ll walk all over you! Or if he’s feeling shy, roll him into his shell that fastens with hook and loop fabric. Either way, you’ll have a ball with this puppet!Movable mouth. Rolls into ball, fastens with velcro.Editorial Review
What an awesome animal the armadillo is. It comes in a range of sizes and species, from the tiny Fairy to the 130-pound Giant. It h… More >>

Price: $10.99

Creativity For Kids Activity Kit: Make Your Own Animal Puppets

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
  • Create Your Own Super Soft Puppet
  • No Mess Craft
  • Includes Dozens of Peel and Stick Felt Shapes
  • Includes Wiggly Eyes and Fuzzy Embellishments
  • Ages 3-93
Product Description
Make Your Own Animal Puppets. Turn three super- soft socks into oodles of animals. Designed for preschoolers, this simple creative craft features peel and press materials so there is no messy art materials to clean up afterwards. This package contains three fuzzy socks (pink, white, and grey), Assorted self-adhesive felt shapes, self-adhesive fur, 1 fluffy pom pom, Thick pink chenille yarn, Self-adhesive wiggly eyes, 1 blunt end plastic needle, and illustrated instr… More >>

Price: $9.60

Magic the Gathering – Commander Deck – Political Puppets

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012
  • Magic the Gathering – Commander Deck – Commander – Commander – Political Puppets
  • Three Oversized foil commander cards & A 100-card singleson deck
  • Deck Strategy insert with rules for the commander format
  • 5 New Commander Decks (Each Sold Separately)
  • NOTE: This product can ONLY be shipped the United States, Puerto Rico, APO/FPOs and USVI.
Product Description
Commander is the modern name for EDH, a Magic:The Gathering variant format which emphasizes social interactions, interesting games, and creative deck-building. It can be played 1-on-1 but is usually multi-player. … Magic: The Gathering Commander will consist of five different 100-card singleton decks. To continue the tradition of oversized cards associated with our multiplayer releases, each deck will also include three premium oversized legendary commander cards … More >>

Price: $15.89

Hippo Stage Puppet

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012
  • Movable mouth and front legs
Product Description
The easy-to-use Hippo Stage Puppet has all of the features you desire in a big-mouthed chomper. Sewn in micro-fiber fabric, the ultra-soft feel of this puppet will have you bellowing with joy! Movable mouth and front legs…. More >>

Price: $11.85

Beleduc Kangaroo Glove Puppet

Saturday, January 21st, 2012
  • This Kangaroo Beleduc handglove puppet is the perfect fit for youngsters who like storytelling and pretend play
  • Beleduc puppets helps boost the imagination of young children while enhancing their fine motor skills
  • As an added feature, the machine-washable fabric stretches just enough for adults to join in, too
  • Buy a number of these finely crafted puppets and your child will be ready to put on their own puppet shows
  • Approximate height 8″
Product Description
3 years & up. Let this friendly kangaroo puppet enhance your storytelling. The puppet is made of soft velour and designed so fingers of the hand provide movement for the body. Great for improving oral language skills! Puppet glove fits all hand sizes. Machine washable…. More >>

Price: $9.65

Monster Finger Puppets Variety of 8

Friday, January 20th, 2012
  • Funny monsters go on tip of finger
  • Choking hazard – For ages 3 and up only
  • Great stocking stuffer
Product Description
Sure you may have ugly hangnails, but your fingers have never been this ugly, or cute, or whatever. 2″ tall and amazingly monstrous. Warning Chocking Hazard! Contains small parts, not for children under 3.It comes as set of 8 puppets…. More >>

Price: $6.75

Cow Stage Puppet

Friday, January 20th, 2012
  • Movable mouth and tongue.
Product Description
Let this udderly adorable Cow Stage Puppet milk a smile out of you! With her silky soft hide and mooovable mouth, she’ll be the cream of your puppet collection, and that’s no bull! Features pose-able eyes and a movable tongue too Cow Stage Puppet is 14″ tall, is recommended for ages 3 and up…. More >>

Price: $15.99