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Folkmanis Mini Spotted Owl Finger Puppet

Saturday, September 29th, 2012
  • 1.5″ Long x 2.5″ Wide x 4″ Tall
Product Description
A beautiful spotted Owl in miniature? What a hoot! As a puppet, he perches on your finger, ready to dispense owlish wisdom. Whooo could be cuter?… More >>

Price: $4.15

Folkmanis Dutch Rabbit 1in Hand Puppet

Sunday, September 16th, 2012
  • 9″ Long x 6″ Wide x 10″ Tall
  • The Dutch rabbit is one of the oldest of domestic breeds. It was developed in Holland around 1850 from the wild European rabbit.
  • It is easily distinguished from other breeds because of its characteristic color pattern which has changed little over the years.
  • It is very popular as a pet and as a show rabbit because of its small size and docile, sociable nature.
  • Dutch rabbits are intelligent. They can learn to recognize their names and can be trained to use a litter box.
Product Description
This incredibly soft Mommy Dutch rabbit feels like a real bunny. With cream and coffee colored markings and the design of the ears and haunches, she looks like she could hop off at any moment. She has to be held to be believed. Ultra huggable. Baby Dutch Rabbit pictured is sold separately. Movable mouth and paws…. More >>

Price: $16.04

Folkmanis Crab Hand Puppet

Friday, September 14th, 2012
  • 10″ Long x 12″ Wide x 4″ Tall
  • Movable Mouth and legs
Product Description
Feeling crabby? This brilliantly colored CRAB PUPPET can cheer you up in a pinch! With his multi-colored body and rounded shell, he’ll sidle blithely into your heart. Slip your hand inside his underside to wiggle legs, pincers and movable mouth. Crab puppet measures 12-inches wide, is recommended for ages 3 and up…. More >>

Price: $16.13

Folkmanis Brown Mouse 8in Hand Puppet

Thursday, September 13th, 2012
  • 6″ Long x 5″ Wide x 8″ Tall
  • The house mouse evolved in central Asia. When people were still living in caves, mice moved in. Now they live everywhere people do.
  • Mice have excellent senses of smell and hearing. They communicate using high-pitched squeaks that we can’t hear.
  • The most adaptive color for a mouse’s fur is brown. Mutations cause unusual fur, such as yellow, black, spotted and albino white.
  • People have been raising fancy mice for thousands of years. One of the most common colors for pet mice is white.
Product Description
Cousin to the Folkmanis long-time favorite White Mouse, this adorable rodent is the perfect size for storytelling. Soft and friendly with a moving mouth and paws and long velvety tail. Movable mouth and paws…. More >>

Price: $8.99

Folkmanis Basset Hound Puppet

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
  • 16″ Long x 5.5″ Wide x 9″ Tall
  • Movable mouth and front legs.
Product Description
With sad eyes and a droopy expression, this BASSET HOUND PUPPET begs for a warm cuddle. Hey, we all need a hug now and then, right? And with his soft plush, you’ll want to hug him again and again…. More >>

Price: $22.61

Folkmanis Puppet Mini Bunny Rabbit

Saturday, September 1st, 2012
  • 5″ Long
Product Description
Few things are cuter than baby rabbits, as this two-toned Bunny Rabbit finger puppet will convince you. Cuddle him in the palm of your hand and prepare to see some twenty-four “carrot” smiles!… More >>

Price: $3.01