Corgi Gonzo Photo Puppet

  • Real scale replica
  • Authentic clothes
  • Authentic replica
  • Full articulation
  • Comes with a display stand
Product Description
He dives, he dances, he dares! He chases chickens! He’s Gonzo (aka The Great Gonzo) – and he’s now available for the first time as authentic, posable Gonzo “Photo Puppet” replica from Master Replicas.

The daredevil stuntman and romantic pursuer of Camilla the Chicken never does anything halfway. As Gonzo himself says “anything worth doing is worth doing without a parachute.” That whole-hearted – if often misguided – enthusiasm has earned him a few bumps -… More >>

Price: $179.99

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3 Responses to “Corgi Gonzo Photo Puppet”

  1. Gonzo is a wonderfully made photo puppet, the little fellow, like Kermit and Animal before him has been put together with great care. These Muppet replicas are worth every penny and they have a presence which lifts your imagination, that is a testament to the Henson troops hard work and genius, for their creations now live in our imaginations and like the finest voices in life offer encouragement and insight, it was great art of the imagination!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Most of you muppet fans know that Master Replicas has been putting out a few Muppet replicas recently. Gonzo is the 3rd to be released so far. Kermit and Animal being the others.

    Gonzo is nothing short of amazing. They captured his essence perfectly! I have him in my office at work, and everytime I see him, I get a smile on my face. His clothes are amazing. A purple silk tuxedo and bowtie and a button up dress shirt. He is even wearing socks! His shoes are black pleather, with real rubber soles. Basically fancy kids shoes.

    I would love to see some alternate clothes come out for him, but the purple tux is pretty awesome.

    Absolutely worth the money, can’t wait for Fozzie to come out!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. K. H. brady says:

    At first i was on the fence then i bought and it is worth it. IT IS HUGE! A GREAT BUY for all muppet fans. I might get animal next.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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