Grover 16″ Full Body Hand Puppet Doll Sesame Street

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Product Description
Grover 16″ Full Body Hand Puppet Doll Sesame Street… More >>

Price: $24.98

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4 Responses to “Grover 16″ Full Body Hand Puppet Doll Sesame Street”

  1. Free Thinker says:

    We have many GROVER fans in our family and this full body hand puppet is just too cute!! I couldn’t find it any of our local stores. They said it sells out as quickly as it hits the shelf so I was happy to pay extra for it here on Amazon. It beats driving from store to store to store to find it. Who has time for that? !! Anyway – we love this puppet and are happy to add him to our puppet collection.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Beal says:

    I LOVE this puppet and usually I love Amazon. However, on this toy I have to say, don’t buy it here. Why? Well, because it is available at most department stores (I bought my son’s at Target) for $19.99. doesn’t sell it directly (as of this writing) and the price the resellers are getting ($39.99 to $67.39 PLUS shipping) is a crime!!! And it’s not even Christmas time for goodness sakes!!!!! What’s up with that?! This is a TOY for kids! Do these sellers have no conscience?

    Now, on to the toy itself. It seems to be made well, so it should last quite a while when played with by the little guys & gals. It’s also nice and soft if they just want to carry a buddy with them for an afternoon nap. One thing to note is that it is not a full-size puppet and as such the hole for operating the puppet is much more suited to a child hand than an adult — although an adult can get a hand inside enough to operate it, it would be a tight fit for a larger hand.

    My advice is that if you’re thinking about it — buy this — but don’t pay more than retail ($19.99) as that would just be making the “scalpers” rich.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I. Irizarry says:

    My son saw this toy first at a department store, and fell instantly in love with it. I didn’t buy it for him that day, but I did buy Grover for my son’s fifth birthday. He absolutely adores the soft, blue puppet. Grover makes a great bedtime buddy. He also stimulates the imagination as a puppet, creating hours of play for young children. If your child is a Sesame Street fan, this Grover makes a great gift.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Once again, Amazon is ridiculously overpriced. I bought this at Target for 15 bucks. It WAS on sale, but the regular price is 20 dollars. Much better than having to pay this horrid price, then wait for the awful shipping as well as paying for said shipping. Don’t buy it from Amazon…you can find this at just about any Target’s toy department, I’ve been told.

    Anyway, about the actual plush…he’s really nice and very soft. He’s not a bad puppet/plush by any means. The only problem I have is that the hole in the back of his head, where you put your hand in to operate the puppet feature, is reminiscent of the kid in the Sixth Sense who blew his brains out with his dad’s gun. Remember that kid? It’s just a gaping hole that honestly doesn’t look very good…the rest of the plush is covered in a ‘curly’ kind of material, but there’s none of that same outer-material in this hole. This makes the hole very apparent and very obvious, and I think they should have had the outer material on the hole as well. I’m tired and I honestly don’t know if I’m even making sense, so I’ll end by saying that this is a fantastic plush that does the character of Grover justice, and he’s very cute and cuddly. Just take a few extra minutes and drive to Target to get it, it’s much cheaper. Especially if you catch him on sale like I did.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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