Plush Large Pig Puppet 12″

  • With its smiling face and curlicue tail, this pig is a real babe!
  • Manipulate the mouth to help it sing along to all your favorite barnyard tunes while its pot belly rests on your arm.
Product Description
With its smiling face and curlicue tail, this Folkmanis pig puppet is a real Babe! While its pot belly rests on your arm, manipulate the mouth to help it sing along to all your favorite barnyard tunes. Puppets encourage open-ended play through education, therapy and just plain fun. Folkmanis’ award winning puppets are the best puppets we have ever seen. Pick up a Folkmanis puppet today, you’ll be amazed!… More >>

Price: $11.73

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2 Responses to “Plush Large Pig Puppet 12″”

  1. Kendra says:

    This may be the most cute yet unlikely puppet I’ve ever owned. I love this puppet… but I hate it, too, because now I can’t eat pork. I really enjoyed pork especially BBQ. I live in the South and BBQ is ubiquitous, then this… this… “Mister piggy” came into my life and I had to quit the pork. I miss it, but Mister Piggy makes up for it!

    This is a very durable, wonderfully constructed toy. Stick your hand in this critter and it comes to life immediately. In fact, the first words out of Mister Piggy’s mouth when I first stuck my hand in his tummy and up into his mouth was, “Uhhh, forget about the BBQ pork ribs… forever!”

    I was really aggravated by this, annoyed even. I thought it presumptuous of this puppet to tell me what to eat to so strongly determine my dietary habits. But I couldn’t resist. Mr. Piggy has been a great comfort to my little daughter, telling her stories, telling her not to eat anymore bacon (suggesting beef and poultry as alternatives), and telling her funny jokes.

    Mr. Piggy is certainly the cutest pig you could ever want to meet. He’s friendly and kind and is really clean! This puppet does not come with mud so you’ve got to keep is skin/fur really clean. But it’s easy, believe me.

    This is one of these situations where I should know better but I just can’t help it.. Mr. Piggy is almost like a member of the family.

    I could almost see his tears of appreciation when I emptied the refrigerator and freezer of several hundred pounds of ribs that I was storing for a BBQ Rib CookOff competition in my town. I had to call 45 people and tell them that the Cookoff is cancelled! When I told them why, well, they didn’t believe me then stopped returning my calls. Needless to say, I have few human friends left but Mr. Piggy is always here for me!

    Can there be a more thoughtful pig puppet as Mr. Piggy!? (Mr. Piggy is my nickname for him. His real name is “Folkmanis Large Pig Puppet”.) Mr. Piggy is so much more than a puppet he’s a comfort and a true friend now that all of my BBQ Pork Rib so-called fake “friends” have so cruelly abandoned me.

    You might think all of this is a bit “off”, or even “bizarre”. But I can assure you that it is not. We all need a friend, and we all need a pig– everyone should have a Mr. Piggy friend!

    If you have a little child, you should get this puppet. My daughter loves it (see picture of her that I posted).
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Cook says:

    We bought this puppet for a Charlotte’s Web themed reading program.

    The kids love it. It was well worth the price.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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