Small Lion Webwilds by Folkmanis

  • Web Wilds Small Lion Puppet
  • Workable mouth and front paws
  • Measures 12″ Long x 5″ Long
Product Description
The Small Lion puppet by Folkmanis is a huggable 12 inch puppet that enables small hands to get a feel for this large beast. Folkmanis has blended the perfect mix of short pile fabric with a long pile plush mane to create a wonderfully charming lion puppet. Movable mouth. Each WebWilds puppet comes with their own secret website code to unlock a wild world of hands-on fun and minds-on learning. view exclusive animal videos, articles and games online. 12″ LONG 5″ WIDE… More >>

Price: $12.57

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One Response to “Small Lion Webwilds by Folkmanis”

  1. Nancy says:

    I got Webwilds Lion(from another web-company)for my 8 yr old. The hand entry is behind the front legs. He is soo cute, so handsome, not too big, and SO SOFT, cuddly, way more appealing than the photo shows. You can move the mouth open and closed, has very cool sharp-looking teeth, and manipulate the head and face somewhat to give it a bit of expression. BUT I was disappointed that you cannot put your fingers into front legs, they are blocked off and stuffed. Perhaps this will be better in the long run, keeping it simple for my daughter. When I gave it to her, we talked about the no-front-leg movement. For her I think it really was love at first sight–she just did not care at all about that. She did ask me quickly to cut off his long whiskers, which were kind of curly fishing-line/nylon thread. I wanted to wait for her to have him more than 5 minutes to make sure, but I could see that she wanted to be able to hug him without that scratchy feeling. So I cut them and this was easy, left no mark of any kind. I have not reviewed the website that goes with the creature. What a great puppet and fluffy enough to hang out on his own like a stuffed animal.

    Also got:

    Webwilds PANDA – Cute, he’s in an upright sitting position, so hand goes in at bottom, easy display. Can move mouth open/closed, and ALL 4 legs. Very cool. His paws very cute, leathery claws, with a claw-print on all 4 feet. Somewhat cuddly fur, but the lion is softer.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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