Web Wilds Baby Orangutan Puppet

  • Webwilds baby orangutan
  • Workable mouth and arms
  • Secret website code to unluck fun and activities included.
Product Description
Kids can create animal adventures beyond their wildest dreams with these vivid puppets. Each one (they range in height from nine to 15 inches) comes with a secret website code to access fun and educational activities. Pick from six puppets, including African Elephant, Koala, Small Lion, Baby Orangutan, Panda, and Rockhopper Penguin. Folkmanis. Ages: 5+… More >>

Price: $13.75

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2 Responses to “Web Wilds Baby Orangutan Puppet”

  1. My son (14 months) and all his little friends love this toy! It is amazingly lifelike. Two negative points- 1)This was made with “PVC sheet”- I’m not really sure what that is, but we avoid PVC and had no reason to think it would be in this toy (usually found in plastic). There was no mention of it on Amazon. 2) This ape has a bit of a shedding problem. Not terrible, but if little ones will be playing with it, be sure it will lose some hair.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I’ve had this puppet for about 6 months. It’s just adorable. It has one of the most charming faces I’ve seen on a puppet, and is sure to put a smile on your face. Contrary to the other reviews, mine has not shed that much. There was a little loss when I first purchased her, but if you know anything about sewing napped fabrics, you understand why. She’s a small enough size that I can successfully manipulate her. It’s important to note that your fingers will intentionally not go all the way to the hands, because if you see a live orangutan, they have very long forearms, and this puppet is designed to imitate the distinct movements of the real animals.

    The online content which can be accessed with the purchase of this puppet is very good. It’s not just fun; it’s educational. Orangutans are one of the most remarkable species out there; they are probably the smartest of the great apes. This content shows them in real life, and is a reminder of how precious they are, and how much we will lose of these beautiful animals continue on their path to extinction.

    Altogether, this is one of the best toy purchases I’ve made in a long time.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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